Commercial & Institutional FAQs

1. What type of services does TWDB offer for industrial, commercial, or institutional entities in the state of Texas?

  • TWDB offers technical assistance, workshops, and literature. For more information contact or cal l 512-463-7955.

2. What type of funding is available for water conservation projects?

  • TWDB offers funding for certain projects. Visit TWDB's Financial Assistance for more information.
  • The State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) also provides financial assistance for projects which include water and energy efficiency. Visit LoanSTAR program for more information.

3. Does TWDB provide informational brochures to industries, businesses, or schools?

  • Yes. TWDB provides different types of publications at minimal cost to industries, businesses, and schools. Visit TWDB's Publications for more information.

4. I heard that some water related equipment is exempt from sales tax. Is that true?

  • Yes. The Texas Legislature created a sales tax exemption in 2001 to encourage Texans to conserve water. Fill out the sales tax exemption prior to buying water related equipment.

5. Where can I find information on Best Management Practices?