Raising Your Water IQ A Water Conservation Program for Middle School

Raising Your Water IQ is an inquiry based approach to teaching middle school students about Texas water resources and how to conserve water resources for today and the future. Four messages are central to this study:

  • Where Does Our Water Come From?
  • Who Uses Water and How Do We Use It?
  • Why and How Do We Conserve Water?
  • How Can We Plan Our Water Future?

Activities and lesson plans in this program offer structured opportunities to practice the concepts in a classroom. Watersheds and surface water systems are related to groundwater systems. Point and non-point source pollution is explored in hands-on and minds-on activities. Students gather and graph data for their own water usage at home and go further to investigate water use in Texas. A "Water in Texas" web quest and accompanying web resources encourage students to ask questions and gain understanding about their own local environment.

For additional details, please read the Raising Your Water IQ Teacher's Guide, or the Raising Water IQ Introduction.

Conservation Games

Web Quests

Texas Water-related Maps

Please refer to the TWDB Map Catalog for updated version

  • Regional Water Planning Groups
  • Major Texas Water Resources
  • Major River Basins in Texas
  • Major Aquifers
  • Minor Aquifers
  • Groundwater Management Areas
  • Groundwater Conservation Districts