Raising Your Water IQ A Water Conservation Program for Middle School

Raising Your Water IQ is an inquiry based approach to teaching middle school students about Texas water resources and how to conserve water resources for today and the future. Activities and lesson plans offer structured opportunities to practice the concepts in a classroom. Inquiry projects pull lesson plans together in an open-ended exploration that offers teachers guiding frameworks for digging deeper into four principal messages:

  • Where Does Our Water Come From?
  • Who Uses Water and How Do We Use It?
  • Why and How Do We Conserve Water?
  • How Can We Plan Our Water Future?

Each inquiry project has service-learning extensions that offer students and teachers strategies for sharing water conservation knowledge with their community.

Lesson Objectives

The goals of the program are to enhance a student’s ability to make sound environmental decisions based on an understanding of science, foster student awareness of the need for water conservation, help students discover and practice water conservation strategies, increase a sense of stewardship for local water resources, and establish patterns of responsible water consumption.

Teacher Resources

  • Raising Your Water IQ Teacher's Guide:The activities included in each of the eight chapters of this guide engage both hands and minds, are inquire-based, and offer community-based service-learning opportunities. Hands-on activities include straightforward background information for students, as well as assessments to help teachers check for understanding.
  • TWDB Map Catalog: For digital versions of maps used in the Teacher’s Guide, along with other map resources.

For additional information, please contact TWDB's Water Education Specialist at consedu@twdb.texas.gov or 512-463-0987.