TWDB Flood Protection Planning Program

The Texas Water Development Board offers grants to political subdivisions of the State of Texas for evaluation of structural and nonstructural solutions to flooding problems.  Upstream and/or downstream effects of proposed solutions must be considered in the planning.  The proposed planning must be regional in nature by considering the flood protection needs of the entire watershed.  The financing of the program is from the TWDB's Research and Planning Fund.

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Eligible Planning Activities

Planning studies may include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Determining and describing problems resulting from or relating to flooding;
  • Conducting hydrologic and hydraulic studies;
  • Identifing potential solutions;
  • Estimating benefits and costs of potential solutions, including structural and nonstructural measures;
  • Determining the views and needs of the affected public relating to flooding problems;
  • Recommending feasible solutions to flood protection problems;
  • Evaluating environmental, social, and cultural factors; and
  • Ensuring proposed solutions are consistent with appropriate regional or statewide plans and relevant laws and regulations.

Activities directly related to the preparation of applications for state or federal permits or other approvals and activities associated with administrative or legal proceedings by regulatory agencies are not eligible for flood protection planning grant assistance.

Applicant Eligibility

Political subdivisions of the State of Texas with the legal authority to plan for and implement flood protection measures within their jurisdictional area, and that are members of the National Flood Insurance Program are eligible to apply.  Political subdivisions include cities, counties, districts or authorities created under the Texas Constitution, Article III, Section 52, or Article XVI, Section 59; any other political subdivision of the State; any interstate compact commission to which the State is a party; and any nonprofit water supply corporation created and operating under Texas Civil Statutes Article 1434a.

Cost Share

Grants for flood protection planning shall be limited to 50% of the total cost of the project, except that the board may supply up to 75% of the total cost to political subdivisions which have unemployment rates exceeding the state average by 50% or more, and which have per capita income which is 65% or less of the state average for the last reporting period available.  Grants in excess of 75% flood protection planning will be provided if authorized by specific legislation or legislative appropriation language.  In-kind services may be substituted for any part of the local share, if such services are directly in support of the planning effort, are properly documented, and approved in advance by the board.

Application Period

The Texas Water Development Board publishes a Request for Proposals in the Texas Register each fiscal year.  Unsolicited applications can be filed at any time but will only be considered if funds are available and planning to be done is deemed urgent.

Application Submission

All applications must be complete and include general information, proposed planning information, written assurances, and proof of notification.  A Flood Planning Application Checklist is provided to assist you in completing the application.  Please check the boxes after you have included the respective items in the application to ensure submittal of a complete application.  Applications are to be copied on both sides of the paper, and recycled materials should be used when possible.  A total of six (6) copies of a complete application, including the required attachments, should be submitted to the following address:

Mr. David Carter
Texas Water Development Board
Stephen F. Austin Building
1700 North Congress Avenue
P.O. Box 13231
Austin, Texas 78711-3231

Grant Requirements

  • Applicants must provide acceptable evidence of local matching funds on or before the date specified for negotiation and execution of a contract;
  • Applicants must establish formal and direct contact with all appropriate entities impacting or impacted by the planning project;
  • Applicants must coordinate existing flood protection planning activities in the watershed for the purpose of providing information for the proposed planning and to avoid duplication of activities;
  • All subcontracts for professional services must be awarded in accordance with the Texas Government Code Chapter 2254, Professional and Consulting Services;
  • All subcontracts for work performed before being contracted or assigned must be approved in writing by the Texas Water Development Board;
  • All subcontracts must include a detailed task and expense budget for each item of work to be performed;
  • All subcontracts must include provisions that require subcontractor compliance with Texas Water Development Board rules and grant contract with the applicant;
  • Applicants must hold a minimum of three (3) public meetings between the participants, their consultants, other local entities, the Texas Water Development Board, and the affected public in order to solicit comments regarding the content of the planning project, and to receive comments on the draft final report. The public meetings should adhere to requirements of the Texas Open Meeting Act ;
  • All funding from the Texas Water Development Board will be on a cash reimbursable basis with a 10% retainage to be withheld by the Texas Water Development Board until conclusion of the planning;
  • The applicant prior to submitting a voucher to the Texas Water Development Board must pay all subcontractor charges;
  • Applicants must submit vouchers including substantiating documentation and progress reports to the Texas Water Development Board for reimbursement of expenses, not lump sum fees;
  • Applicants must submit five (5) double-sided copies of a draft final report on the planning to the Texas Water Development Board for review and comment;
  • Applicants must submit one (1) electronic copy of the entire final report in Portable Document Format (PDF) and six (6) bound double-sided copies of the final report to the Texas Water Development Board. The applicant must consider incorporating comments from the Texas Water Development Board or other commentors on the draft final report into the final report. The applicant must include a copy of the Board’s comments in the final report;
  • The Texas Water Development Board retains unlimited rights to technical or other data resulting directly from the planning; and
  • Applicants must provide the Texas Water Development Board with copies of all electronic data and programs resulting directly from the planning.

An example of the Texas Water Development Board's contract.

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