In 2013, the Texas Legislature authorized transferring $2 billion from the state's "Rainy Day Fund" to create a new loan program, later approved by Texas voters, to fund projects in the state water plan. This original investment in the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund for Texas (SWIRFT) is designed to fund close to $27 billion in water supply projects over the next 50 years to ensure that Texas communities have adequate supplies of water during drought.

Before the funds are made available, TWDB must develop a point system to prioritize projects and develop rules on how the funds will operate. Once these tasks are complete, the SWIFT can be used to fund rural water projects, projects related to conservation and reuse, and projects in communities and cities of all sizes.

Throughout the process, we'll report on our progress in a transparent manner and show which water plan projects are receiving funding. See where we are in the process on our timeline or view our SWIFT/SWIRFT presentation for more details.

Ensuring Texas' future water supply is vital to our state's continued economic growth. We encourage you to participate in the planning process to make sure your community is represented.